How to Avoid Common Air Conditioner Repair Problems in Sanford, FL

Similar to other major appliances, air conditioning units can experience an electrical or mechanical mishap, especially during the peak periods of summer. Although consumers should consider a number of things when choosing an air conditioner repair service in Sanford, FL, there are a few common problems that can occur with an A/C unit that an experienced A/C technician should know to check.

With the humid weather in Sanford and throughout the Central Florida region, it is common for water to build-up in the A/C unit requiring repair service. When this happens the sensor becomes unable to correctly regulate the thermostat causing the unit to malfunction. Once our air conditioner repair technician drains the unit, the air conditioner will function normally.

Another common problem is a frequent cycling on and off of the air conditioner, which could cause wear on the fan controls and compressor. Additionally, cycling on and off during the cooling season may be a sign that your system is improperly sized, and this could mean that the humidity levels have risen in your home. It is essential for our A/C service technician to check this issue and offer relevant repairs where necessary. During the service call we will also check the wiring to make sure that it is not corroded. 

Without proper maintenance air conditioning coils and filters can build up with grime and dirt reducing the efficiency of the system. Besides preventing the A/C from working properly, it can lead to a host of problems such as a premature failure of the fan or compressor. We recommend having our air conditioner repair technician perform routine maintenance on your system.

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